Birthday and a new video

It’s International Women’s Day and my birthday. I’m feeling immense gratitude for having had a really good year and looking forward to what’s coming next.

And next up is a gig at The Junction in Cambridge next week, followed by gigs in Bromsgrove, Bath, Helmsley (York), Penzance, Carlisle, Milton Keynes, Leeds, Newcastle, Maidenhead and Southampton (check my gigs page for dates and details).

Please do spread the word if you’ve got friends or family in any of these places – my audience is all based on word of mouth. Here’s a link to a hidden page on my website to introduce my music:

Finally, I’ve just posted another video in my ‘Songs From My Attic’ series. The song is the album version of my radio single ‘For Free’. Here it is…

I hope all’s well in your world.


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