(from the album 'Bird Inside A Cage')
© 2013 Shaktu Records


[E. Maguire]

I bet you don’t hear a million voices ringing in your head
I bet you don’t see symbolic meaning in every word you said
And nor do I, except sometimes my reason goes
Out it flies, off to somewhere no-one knows

I lose my mind which I can’t find
Cos I don’t know it’s missing at all
Won’t you hold my hand and don’t let go
Or I will fall down through the clouds
Over the waterfall

Picture this attic with a window looking at the sky
Picture some basement like a dungeon and now you ask me why
I choose the sky, I hold the whole world in my hand
Embrace the night but now I don’t know who I am

I lose my mind which I can’t find
Cos I don’t know what’s going on
Cos I’m on cloud nine and I feel fine
I’ve swallowed time, I’ve grown me some wings

And now I can fly and follow the sky
And why should I come down

I hope you don’t mind if I stay under this duvet on my bed
I hope you don’t mind I don’t remember a single word you said
I’d like to die, end this rollercoaster ride
And so I cry, cos I can’t stop this turning tide

I lose my mind, if they can’t find
A cure this time, they’ll take me away
In a big white van, so hold my hand
And don’t let go, don’t let me fall
Through the cracks in the floor
So take my hand and don’t let go
Don’t let me go over the waterfall