A year on

A year ago today we got off a plane in Brisbane and drove up into the hills behind the Sunshine Coast to our new home, the old goat farm where we used to live.

After 12 years in a one-bedroom, first-floor flat in Bath with the constant roar of traffic from the main road out front and the clatter of trains out the back, it took some time to get used to the space and silence of the Obi Obi valley. Not that it’s silent though – the sound of the birds and the cicadas are constant. Living here so close to nature, you become very preoccupied with the wildlife.

Latest creature highlights include: our resident cane toad having a bath in my bucket of worm wee (it’s good for the skin apparently), me practically patting the head of a deadly Eastern Brown snake lying in wait among my pumpkin vines, a hyperactive Huntsman spider bouncing around our living room which I couldn’t catch so I pretended to Christian that it wasn’t there, the thin cattle in the valley filling their bellies at last with sweet green grass after the rains came, and the flies landing with precision timing on our ribbon mic just as I’m about to finish recording a guitar part for my new album…

…which is progressing, despite the flies. Guitars are nearly done so it’s the string parts next which could be interesting considering I’m going to try and record all the parts myself. I already have a cello and viola and I’ve just been given a violin by a good friend so that’s my string section sorted – it just remains to be seen if I can play the violin and viola upside down like a cello and not make it sound like a cat being violently strangled. We shall see…

In the photo I’m holding my first corn on the cob from the garden and looking extremely pleased with myself as you can imagine. I have since been brought back down to earth by some ruthless birds who shall remain nameless (my mother-in-law has decided it was crows but they are sacred in Buddhism so I’m not making any hasty allegations) who have eaten most of my crop the bastards. Ah well, I’m sure there’s a lesson in patience here somewhere… or possibly pride before a fall? At least they haven’t eaten my sunflowers.

Hope all’s well in your world.


You can see more photos from my life in the Australian bush on Instagram.