‘Start Over Again’
(published 2010)

For the very first time, Emily tells the story behind her songs… her journeys into psychosis and depression and the hope and poetic beauty that emerge from the other side. Based on the verses of her song ‘Start Over Again’ (from her album ‘Believer’), this selection of Emily’s poetry, prose, song lyrics and personal diary entries offers a rare and unique insight into the creativity of a manic-depressive mind.

‘Notes From The North Pole’
(published 2016)

Following the publication of ‘Start Over Again’, Emily’s intimate and moving account of living with bipolar disorder, ‘Notes From The North Pole’ takes us on a journey of the mind. Though written largely from her own point of view, as a kind of private journal, this collection of poetry, prose and songs resonates for all of us, for all humanity, sentient and suffering.

‘Meditation Mind’
(published 2018)

Inspired by her Buddhist meditation practice, Emily’s third book ‘Meditation Mind’ is a collection of short, stream-of-consciousness poems about life, the dharma and our search for happiness. These poems were all written at a time when Emily was unable to play her instruments because of chronic tennis elbow.  Struggling with depression and desperate to do something creative, she started writing a poem in her journal every morning after meditating. She wrote over 250, each written in less than a minute.  She has no memory of writing any of them.