Coming back down to earth after all the excitement of being in Berlin and meeting so many lovely people, most of whom have bipolar disorder like me.  The German Society of Bipolar Disorder (DGBS) is a real community of people all riding the same rollercoaster and I was made to feel so welcome.  I was a bit daunted about meeting an entire roomful of psychiatrists at the World Congress of Psychiatry (would they let me out?) but the feedback was great.  We’ll be touring again in Germany in March next year – dates and details will be announced soon.

Now I’m looking forward to touring Ireland for the first time in nearly 10 years, doing 5 shows with Duke Special starting 25 October (check out my gigs or details).  Can’t wait…

Knackered after a 5 hour round trip to Hereford to perform at a mental health facility called the Stonebow Unit. These gigs are not easy, nor should they be. It’s really confronting seeing such suffering, and yet so incredibly heartwarming too to see the gentle, hugely compassionate way the NHS staff care for their patients. There is a line in Desiderata which says ‘everywhere life is full of heroism’ and it’s so true – good to remember in this crazy world we live in. I hope my singing was at least a distraction in the everydayness of hospital routine and perhaps of some comfort there. Tomorrow I’m in Bristol performing at the launch gala of the wonderful Freedom of Mind festival.

Just spent the week in my favourite place in the world, Worth Matravers on the Isle of Purbeck (not an island but part of the Dorset Jurassic coast), writing and recording and spending time each day at my favourite beach Winspit watching the waves come and go.

Sad to be leaving tomorrow but looking forward to mental health hospital gigs in Gloucester and Hereford next week followed by the launch gala of the wonderful Freedom of Mind mental well-being festival in Bristol, followed by a plane ride to Berlin to meet the lovely German singer-songwriter Martin Kolbe and perform at the World Congress of Psychiatry.

Hope all’s well in your world.


I had every intention of posting a song from my attic every month but then I got completely distracted over the summer by the most fabulous high with songs coming out of my ears and only now I’ve come back down to earth I realise I haven’t posted anything for months! Oh the joys of being bipolar . So here is one of the first video recordings I made earlier this year, and it’s a new song called ‘Symmetry’. I hope you like it.  Click here to see it.

I’m so delighted my gigs with Duke Special in Ireland next month have just been confirmed.  I haven’t played there since we toured with Eric Bibb and Don McLean.  I’m really looking forward to a proper Guinness and rediscovering my Irish roots.  If you can make it to any of the gigs, it would be great to see you there.

I’m having such a great time touring with the wonderful Me For Queen (aka Mary Erskine with her band Andy, Nick and Will).  Last night we played Crail Town Hall in Scotland, the night before we were at the Castle Hotel in Manchester.

I love being on the road, eating far too many crisps and cake and enjoying not having to map-read, the sat nav so far taking us to all the right places despite Christian’s deep suspicion that we’re going to end up marooned somewhere in the Highlands.

We’ve just arrived at An Tobar on the Isle of Mull, a lovely venue with particularly good cake.  The countryside here is stunning and I even managed the ferry without feeling too queasy.  Can’t tell you how happy I am to be touring again, singing my songs night after night.  Lovely having some fans along for the ride too – Mike and Gail Watts and our trusty merch man Tim Pardoe who has been busy making himself completely indispensable.

It was great also to perform at Elder Stubbs Festival in Oxford last Saturday for the mental health charity Restore.  It was at their allotments which are full of sunflowers and tree sculptures, and so lovely to see so many people there.  Restore is the most fantastic charity, helping people like me recover from mental illness and get back into life again.  I’m looking forward to doing some more performances for them in the autumn.

Time to soundcheck… hope all’s well in your world.


Like standing in the rain when you’ve been stuck in a desert, after 5 years of writer’s block I now seem to have songs coming out of my ears. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world and I know it won’t last which makes me all the more grateful for it.

As well as songwriting, I’ve been on the road with Christian driving up and down the country, singing my songs and meeting lovely people in Helmsley, Penzance, Barnoldswick, Carlisle and Milton Keynes. Thanks to everyone who has come to hear us play. I’m looking forward to my charity gig in Leeds and The Cluny in Newcastle this weekend.

I’m also looking forward to my mini tour of Scotland in August co-headlining with the wonderful Me For Queen (aka Mary Erskine) with warm-up gigs in Bristol and Manchester. I’m a 1/4 Scot who has never been north of Glasgow so I”m really excited to finally see the country. Dates and booking links for this tour are on my gigs page.

In the meantime, I’m also doing some more gigs in mental health hospitals. Music for mental health is a cause very close to my heart and I’ve had some fantastic feedback from staff and service users on the wards where I’ve played in the past.

Finally, after 4 years away, we’re going back to our shack in Australia (pic above) at Christmas. It will be boiling hot but I can’t wait to see the goats and the Obi Obi valley again.

Hope all’s well in your world.


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. To celebrate, we’ve made a new video for my song ‘I’d Rather Be’.

I wrote ‘I’d Rather Be’ about a year after my first psychosis when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I’d gone through all the stages of being at first completely terrified and then chronically depressed, and I was starting to feel a bit stronger.

I was starting to realise that all this energy in my head could be something precious, it could be something I could transform into creativity if I chose to.  And I was thinking when I was writing this song, we all have choices in life, and these are some of mine…

I really enjoyed my live session on Radio 2 today with the super-lovely Clare Balding. Christian played double-bass, I had my guitar and sang ‘For Free’ from my new album ‘A Bit of Blue’ and at the end, ‘Start Over Again’ from my album ‘Believer’. We talked about music, mental health and Buddhism. You can listen again here (scroll to 01:29).

Today is World Bipolar Day. I was 23 when I was diagnosed. Here is the most direct song I’ve ever written about my experiences of being bipolar. It’s from my album ‘Bird Inside A Cage’ and it’s called ‘Over The Waterfall’. You can download it from iTunes.