It’s 4.30am. Still jetlagged, I’ve just finished my meditation practice and made myself an enormous cup of coffee. The cocks are crowing but it’s dark outside. I can hear the sound of cicadas and the crazy kookaburras laughing in the trees. Earlier a dingo was howling in the hills that surround the shack.

After 11 years in a sterile, creatureless flat in England, we are back in the Australian bush. Here wildlife dominates every waking moment. Even if it wasn’t for my snake phobia I’d still be mindful of every step, of the spider webs lying in wait between the orange trees. Yesterday morning we were clearing up a pile of maggots. Last night I trod on a bee.

It’s getting light. The darkness fades leaving a mist over the Obi Obi valley. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here.

Hope all’s well in your world.




It’s been six full-on days of clearing, dumping and packing.  It’s amazing how much stuff a one-bedroom flat can hold.  I can’t believe we arrived 11 years ago with nothing but 2 guitars, a bag of CDs and the clothes on our backs.  Now I want to travel light again.

2018 has been an incredible year of highs and lows.  I’ve enjoyed the gigs we’ve done so much.  I didn’t enjoy so much having pneumonia and dealing with Australian Immigration.  But now we’re leaving for Australia in a few weeks’ time with no idea of what’s coming next.  It makes me think of my favourite poem (see below).

Thanks to you all for your amazing support of my music.  I will be writing songs again in my yurt and look forward to playing them to you when we next meet.

Wishing you all a very happy new year.


I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I I’m going.
And I have trained myself to love it.
Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight,
That we force our wings to unravel and at last begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to.
But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings.
You may not know where you’re going,
But you know that so long as you spread your wings,
the winds will carry you.
(C. Joybell C.)

My ‘Meditation Mind’ poetry and song tour ended last night at the beautiful Sakya Buddhist Centre in Bristol, a gig that was possibly one of the highlights of my whole career. Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us play acoustic versions of my songs over the last month – we enjoyed it so much it may have changed the direction of my next album.

It is now 7 weeks until we get on a plane bound for Australia and move our lives back to the shack on a goat farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where Shaktu Records began 15 years ago. After spending the last 10 years living in a first-floor, one-bedroom flat on an industrial main road in Bath, we can’t wait to be back in the Australian bush with space and sunshine, living in the beautiful wooden house that has replaced Shaktu (the tree trunks and potato sack walls were eaten by termites – only the roof remains).

We are going to make a new album there and then come back to the UK in 2020 to tour. I will keep you posted on dates and hopefully see you at a gig sometime then. In the meantime, if you would like any of my CDs and books, they are available from Amazon up until Christmas and afterwards, once we’re in Australia, will continue to be available to order through my website.

It’s been an incredible year. Thanks so much to all of you for supporting my music – we couldn’t do it without you. I will keep in touch and let you know how I’m getting on in Australia and whether I’ve managed to overcome my snake phobia :). You can follow me on Instagram and join my mailing list to receive the occasional email from me.

Wishing you all very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


I’m very much looking forward to the start of my poetry & song tour in Taunton tomorrow night, celebrating the publication of my new book ‘Meditation Mind’.

The venues are mainly bookshops where I’ll be playing acoustic guitar and my husband Christian will play double-bass and we’ll be performing some rarely-heard songs from my old albums plus a brand new song I played for the first time at Gaunts House the other night.  I’ll read some poems from ‘Meditation Mind’ and there will be a chance for questions at the end.

On Saturday we’re doing one of these poetry & song gigs in Oxford as a fundraiser for the wonderful mental health charity Restore, of which I’m a patron.  They are a fantastic charity helping people recover from mental illness and transform their lives.  All support very welcome.

I was so delighted to get the award for public service and advocacy from the International Society For Bipolar Disorder.  They do such good work raising awareness of this illness and supporting the people who have it.

Now I’m off to the BBC in London to perform on Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’ tonight…

Hope all’s well in your world.


You can now watch videos of me reading from my new book ‘Meditation Mind’ at  I’ll post more videos of poetry readings on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) over the coming weeks.  All these poems were stream-of-consciousness compositions written after meditating, and completely unedited.  I have no memory of writing any of them.  ‘Meditation Mind’ is available to order from my website or from Amazon (or you can order it in all good UK bookshops).

I’m really looking forward to my ‘Meditation Mind’ book tour starting next month.  I’ll be performing a special set of acoustic songs and poetry readings in Taunton (8 Nov), Oxford (10 Nov), Bridport (12 Nov), Cardiff (16 Nov), Manchester (17 Nov), Haslemere (22 Nov), Coventry (24 Nov), Frome (29 Nov), Bath (30 Nov), London (6 Dec) and Bristol (8 Dec). Click here for details and tickets.

Hope all’s well in your world.


I am delighted to announce the publication of my third book ‘Meditation Mind’, a book of poetry inspired by my Buddhist practice.

‘Meditation Mind’ is a collection of short, stream-of-consciousness poems all written in 2015 while I was unable to play my musical instruments due to chronic tennis elbow. Struggling with depression, I was desperate to do something creative to distract my mind and so I started writing a poem each morning after meditating.

I’ve practised Tibetan Buddhism since 1999 and my morning practice is Sarasvati (who features on the cover of the book). I would finish my meditation, make a coffee and sit down to write a poem. All the poems in the book took less than a minute to write. They are unedited, exactly as they fell out of my head onto the page of my journal.  I have no memory of writing any of them.

To celebrate the launch of ‘Meditation Mind’, I am doing a series of very intimate gigs in bookshops and Buddhist centres across the country. These events will be a mix of poetry readings from the book and acoustic songs with me on guitar and my husband Christian Dunham on double-bass. It would be lovely to see you if you can make any of the dates.

Thur 8 Nov    Taunton – Brendon Books  book tickets
Sat 10 Nov     Oxford – Restore charity  book tickets
Mon 12 Nov   Bridport – The Book Shop  book tickets
Fri 16 Nov      Cardiff – Octavo’s Book Cafe & Wine Bar  book tickets
Sat 17 Nov     Manchester – Chapter One Books  register
Thur 22 Nov  Surrey – The Haslemere Bookshop  book tickets
Sat 24 Nov     Coventry – The Big Comfy Bookshop  book tickets
Thur 29 Nov  Frome – Hunting Raven Books  book tickets
Fri 30 Nov      Bath – St James Wine Vaults  book tickets
Thur 6 Dec     London – Sakya Buddhist Centre  book tickets
Sat 8 Dec        Bristol – Sakya Buddhist Centre  book tickets

‘Meditation Mind’ is available to order in all good bookshops, from Amazon and through my website.

It’s been such a glorious summer and I’ve absolutely loved singing my songs up and down the country on my UK tour. Thanks to all of you who came to support us.

Final dates left are Royston Folk Club on Friday 31 August and my London gig at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell on Saturday 15 September supported by the brilliant acoustic guitarist Ben Walker. Ticket links and info are here.

On Saturday 27 October I’m doing a very special concert in the ballroom at Gaunts House, a wonderful country mansion in Dorset which is now used as a spiritual retreat. Tickets are on sale now – please book early if you would like to come.

My new book of poetry ‘Meditation Mind’ has just gone to print and to celebrate its publication we’re going to be doing an acoustic tour of bookshops and Buddhist centres later this year. This will be a very intimate mix of poetry readings and songs with me on acoustic guitar and Christian on double-bass. Dates and details will be announced soon.

Next month we’re in Germany performing at a conference in Hamburg for the German Bipolar Society (DGBS) and then in Holland in December for the Dutch Bipolar Society.

I hope all’s well in your world and hope to see you at a gig someday soon.