Emily back in the UK

Emily is now based back in the UK recovering from a year-long severe bipolar episode.  You can read her latest blog.  When she has fully recovered her mental health in the coming months, she will be singing her songs again in intimate house concerts and gigs for mental health/community organisations and groups around the UK, but not touring as before.  Emily’s albums and books are no longer available to order online. Her six studio albums, including ‘A Light To Follow’ which was released in February 2023 just before her return to the UK, can be streamed on her website, Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music platforms. All the lyrics for all Emily’s albums can be found on her website.

If you want to watch Emily perform her songs live, you can find the videos of both sets of her gig at Eudlo Hall in Australia in October 2020 on page 2 of her videos (also on her YouTube channel). This gig, performed to a restricted audience of 43 people during the Covid lockdown, featured Christian Dunham on bass, Sarah King on violin/viola and Louise King on cello.  You can download for free the album and lyric booklet for ‘Live at Eudlo Hall’ here.

A short documentary about the making of Emily’s seventh album ‘A Light To Follow’ in the Australian bush (released just before she returned to the UK last year) is available on her videos page or on her YouTube channel.

You can also hear the 15 minute BBC Wiltshire radio broadcast (recorded in Australia in 2022) of Emily’s programme about her fourth book ‘Words With Wings’, introducing and playing a selection of the poems (accompanied by her own original piano music) from the digital album that accompanies the book.