My new album ‘A Light To Follow’ out today

My seventh album ‘A Light To Follow’ is out today.  

It has been three years in the making.  The writing, arranging, recording, editing and mixing has all taken much more time than I’d ever imagined.  But I know it wouldn’t be the record it is if any of the steps along the way had been different. 

The songs on this album are all pieces of my heart.  I hope they bring you some joy, some comfort.

I am hugely grateful to Shane Nesic, Sarah King and Dan Lyons for adding their creativity and talent to this record.  Thank you to Nigel Butler for helping us yet again.  Above all, huge and heartfelt thanks to my husband Christian Dunham for listening to my umpteen demos, and engineering, mixing and producing ‘A Light To Follow’.  I couldn’t do it without you.

CDs will be dispatched from the UK and Australia.  If you don’t have a CD player you can still support my music by ordering the digital album from Bandcamp.  The album will be available on all streaming sites including Spotify.

If you would like to know more about the story of the album, we’ve published a book with behind the scenes photographs, lyrics, works in progress and my own personal notes on the inspiration behind each song.  This book comes with an album download card.

Both the CD and book are available in my website shop.  You can listen to clips from the album here.

Thanks so much for your support.