My new book (and album) ‘Words With Wings’

“The poems in this book are all pieces of my heart.  I give them to you in the hope that the words will speak to you, that they will be words with wings to uplift, comfort and inspire.  There is so much space and beauty inside all of us, there is so much potential.”

I’ve just published a new book of poetry called ‘Words With Wings’.  Inspired by my life in the Australian bush and my daily meditation practice, these poems are my thoughts about the meaning of life and the world around us.

The book ‘Words With Wings’ includes a download link to a digital album of me reading all the poems accompanied by my own original piano music (you can hear an example in the video below).  This digital album is also available separately from the book.

You can order your copy of the book, or just the album if you prefer, here.