On the road with Me For Queen

I’m having such a great time touring with the wonderful Me For Queen (aka Mary Erskine with her band Andy, Nick and Will).  Last night we played Crail Town Hall in Scotland, the night before we were at the Castle Hotel in Manchester.

I love being on the road, eating far too many crisps and cake and enjoying not having to map-read, the sat nav so far taking us to all the right places despite Christian’s deep suspicion that we’re going to end up marooned somewhere in the Highlands.

We’ve just arrived at An Tobar on the Isle of Mull, a lovely venue with particularly good cake.  The countryside here is stunning and I even managed the ferry without feeling too queasy.  Can’t tell you how happy I am to be touring again, singing my songs night after night.  Lovely having some fans along for the ride too – Mike and Gail Watts and our trusty merch man Tim Pardoe who has been busy making himself completely indispensable.

It was great also to perform at Elder Stubbs Festival in Oxford last Saturday for the mental health charity Restore.  It was at their allotments which are full of sunflowers and tree sculptures, and so lovely to see so many people there.  Restore is the most fantastic charity, helping people like me recover from mental illness and get back into life again.  I’m looking forward to doing some more performances for them in the autumn.

Time to soundcheck… hope all’s well in your world.