A song and a poem for World Mental Health Day

To celebrate World Mental Health Day today, here is a video of me in my studio at home in the Australian bush, singing my song ‘Start Over Again’ (from my album ‘Believer’).  This was part of an online performance which was commissioned by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (USA) to close their virtual conference this month.

‘Start Over Again’ is a song about recovery.  There are many roads to recovery, but we are all on the same journey.  Sometimes the going is easy, sometimes it’s hard.  One of the ways I cope with the ups and downs of my mental health is to write a poem every morning after my meditation practice.  Here is one I wrote last week:


I would be anxious
If I was you
She said
Leaning forward
With a smile
And I’m not sure
How to respond
To that
As this is therapy
And it should be
But somehow
I feel more worried
Now than ever
As if my life
Were a cliff
And I am
Forever falling
But so far
So far
I haven’t hit
The ground
And maybe
If I just relax
I’ll find that
This straitjacket
Is really
Wings wrapped
Around me
So all I need
To do is untie
The knot
And learn
How to fly.