Bipolar recovery, chooks and my Hinterland tour

One of the joys of being bipolar is the immense relief and gratitude you feel when you come out of a depressive episode. I find myself feeling that it was all somehow worth it, just for that feeling of coming out of the darkness into the light. I’ve now managed to record the last vocals for my new album (I can’t sing when I’m depressed) so after months we’ve been able to take down the huge mattress tardis in the middle of our living room (you can see a video in my Facebook Community Group).

I’m in charge of the chickens on the farm who are now free range. Thankfully the dogs don’t seem to be interested in them (having been completely obsessed when the chooks were behind a wire fence). So every afternoon I go to feed the chickens and say hello to the goats who bleat pitifully at me despite having been fed five minutes earlier. Dusk is my favourite moment of the day. I sit on the veranda watching the sunset across the valley and listening to the birds as they fly home to roost. Last night a huge flock of black cockatoos were the last to disappear before it went dark.

Tickets for my Sunshine Coast Hinterland tour in September are now on sale. I can’t wait to be back on stage with Christian and two amazing string players, the violinist Sarah King and her sister, the cellist Louise King. We’ll be performing at Eudlo Hall (11 Sept), Maleny Community Centre (18 Sept) and The Majestic Theatre in Pomona (25 Sept). Places are limited so please book early if you would like to come. Here’s a booking link with a live video of us performing with Sarah and Louise last year:

Please share this link with any local friends or family you think might like to come – I’d be so grateful if you can help us spread the word.

In the meantime, this Saturday (26 June) I’m performing with Christian on the deck at the beautiful permaculture commune Crystal Waters where no pets are allowed so kangaroos wander around all over the place. Tickets are $15 on the door. And I’m looking forward very much to hearing acapella group The Daisy Chain Trio when I perform at Brisbane Unplugged Gigs (The BUg) next Tuesday. Tickets are $10 available on the door. Here is all the info:

Hope all’s well in your world.