My ‘Songs and Stories’ radio programmes

At the start of last year, my old friend Franz Novotny asked if I could contribute some content to an online Buddhist radio station he was setting up.  I decided to make a series of half-hour programmes to tell some of the stories behind the songs on my five studio albums.

Many months later, after managing to overcome all the technical hurdles and wade through all the red tape, Diamond Sky Radio was up and running and on Christmas Day, the first of my five programmes, called ‘Songs and Stories’, was broadcast.

You can hear me talking about how I started writing songs, my stagefright, being cured of fibromyalgia, why I became a Buddhist, what happened the first time I was sectioned, how I write songs, falling in love in the Australian bush, living in a recycled shack, becoming a cheesemaker, how I met Don McLean, the story behind the making of ‘Believer’, writing ‘Woke Up’ for Greenpeace, why I published ‘Start Over Again’, my lifelong passion for Bach and Bob Marley, the miscarriage that inspired ‘Banks of the Acheron’, overcoming writer’s block, and surviving life on the bipolar rollercoaster all these years.

And in between the talking, I play the tracks I’ve chosen from each album.

Here is a link to all the programmes so you can listen again if you missed them.  I hope you enjoy them.