Snakes, veggies and my beautiful guitar

Yesterday I saw my first snake.  I’ve been dreading this but the fact that it was only about a foot long and we were inside the car was a big relief.  I could even say that it looked sweet. (The snakeskin we found draped over the rafters on our porch is somewhat bigger but I am trying to be brave.)

We’ve been clearing the enormous veggie garden which hasn’t been used for a long time so the beds are all full of huge weeds.  We can only do this either at the beginning or end of the day as the sun is so hot. We are going to start planting in the next few weeks as it gets cooler.  We’re coming into autumn here now.

Coolabine is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of koalas’.  There are only a few houses dotted here and there along the valley – you can’t see any from the shack, only the back of a barn in the distance.  It’s part of the Obi Obi valley, a sacred meeting place for the south-east Queensland tribes who used to gather here every few years.

I’ve been writing songs on my beautiful Maton guitar which has been a bit neglected over the last few years as I got obsessed with writing piano songs.  My keyboard is still on a ship heading to Australia so in the meantime I’ve been remembering how much I love playing guitar.  I’ve written four new songs, one of which you will definitely hear on an album someday.

I hope all’s well in your world.