Songwriting, recording and midwinter in the bush

Last weekend, after writing and arranging over 30 new songs in the last few months, the voice in my head suddenly said stop. It’s been an amazing creative roll that has kept me sane (relatively) during the lockdown and turned the delay in recording my new album into a blessing in disguise as more and more new songs have been added to the list.

Now our drummer Shane Nesic has arrived to blow the dust off his drums and record 11 of these new songs. I’ve given up guessing the future – I only know we need to get them all down and then see what happens next. Our new violinist Sarah King is coming back for a 3rd session in a couple of weeks. Our last session with her was a 10 hour marathon.

Recording at home in the bush depends on a fair amount of luck if you want to avoid capturing the sound of kookaburras, cockatoos, crows, bellbirds, bulls, dogs, mowing, chain-sawing, bi-planes, tractors and cars on the dirt road at the bottom of the hill.

In the mornings I get up while it’s still dark and sit in my yurt listening to the cocks crowing down the valley as the dawn rises. It’s midwinter here, my favourite time of year. Clear sunny days and cold nights. I get to wear jumpers and not have to worry about stepping on a snake.

Queensland has been clear of the virus for the past few weeks so people are out and about again. But there’s been a spike in Melbourne recently so we’re waiting to see what happens. The death toll around the world is so shocking it feels like we’re in a kind of surreal bubble here in Australia.

I hope you’ve been keeping safe and well where you are.