Unreleased song – ‘In The Garden’

I’ve just posted on my YouTube channel a new lyric video for a very old, unreleased song of mine called ‘In The Garden’. I wrote it in January 1999 but only arranged it for guitar and string trio when we moved to Australia last year.

The song was inspired by a bereavement – a grief of such depth and intensity I could hardly bear to imagine it.  I was thinking when I was writing it why it was that at least 3 people I knew who had all been brutally bereaved had then given up their former careers to become gardeners.  It seemed that in nature some solace could be found, or at least ‘life goes on’.

I hoped that some solace might be found in this song too.  I am always anxious about playing songs to the people who have inspired them.  Most of all with ‘In The Garden’, but the friend who inspired it gave it her blessing so here it is.

Thanks to my wonderful 90-year-old cello teacher Bruno Schrecker for taking the photograph.