A poem and a song

I’ve started writing a poem a day again after my morning meditation practice. I’m not songwriting at the moment so it’s good to have another creative outlet. These poems are really automatic writing, like the ones in my book ‘Meditation Mind’. They don’t rhyme and take a minute to write. Somehow something always comes out of the ether as I sit there with a pencil, a cup of coffee and a blank page. You can read below the poem I wrote today.

Below also is a lyric video for an old song you might remember from my album ‘Keep Walking’. The photo was taken on Winspit beach on the Isle of Purbeck, my spiritual home. I wonder when I’ll be back there again.



Sometimes I feel
Like I’m the only one
And it’s a lonely
Place to be
But then I remember
The whole world
Is fearful, wondering
What will happen next
And then I think
Of the practice of tonglen
How to turn arrows
Into flowers
If we all just sat down
In silence
Under a tree perhaps
Somehow our minds
Would unwind
And these tangled
Threads of thought
Would become
Wisps of air
No more solid
Than a cloud
Clouds have something
To teach us
About beauty
About lightness of being
About impermanence
We are all
Coming to terms
With being alive
We are all fire-eaters
And trapeze artists
Hoping there’s a
Safety net to catch
Our fall, waiting
For the sunset
As the clouds change
From white to red
To grey to black
And that’s okay
We might be afraid
Of the night
But we all know
You need the darkness
To see the stars.