Spring… and playing live again

Spring is here in the Australian bush. I know this because I saw a snake the other day and also because flowers have appeared in my veggie garden.

We have been clearing the raised beds ready for planting over 20 different types of vegetable. It is handy having a manic mind from time to time – you somehow end up with 40 kilos of carrots! The goats don’t mind anyway, they’ll eat anything that’s not nailed to the ground.

Unlike our chickens who are the fussiest chooks in the southern hemisphere – no scraps for them thank you, just premium fresh kale and silverbeet from the garden and cooked rolled oats and barley. But they are producing the most delicious eggs so we can’t complain really.

We finished recording the violin and viola parts for my new album in another mammoth recording session with the lovely Sarah King last week – now I’ve got to do my bit and finish the cello recordings. Hopefully this won’t be too difficult since I’ve actually been practising my cello playing for once (10 minutes a day – amazing what little and often can do).

In the meantime I’ve been doing more string arranging, and looking forward to performing live at some gigs coming up. We’re playing Mitchell Creek Blues N Rock Festival on 18 September, Eudlo Public Hall on 17 October and Crystal Waters on 28 November. This is all depending on what happens in Queensland with COVID restrictions – at the moment they are going ahead.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.