It’s been, for me, an amazing year.  This time last year I couldn’t play my instruments at all and had lost all my confidence in performing.   Now I’m doing gigs again and looking forward to the dates we’ve booked for next year.

Doing hospital gigs, working for The Big Issue, playing pubs and clubs, getting such a fantastic response to my fan-funding campaign for ‘A Bit Of Blue’, seeing fans again at gigs, has all rebuilt me from the ground up.

Big love and thanks to all of you for your support.  I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Just got this amazing feedback from one of the Manchester mental health hospitals I played in last week. Made my day. Thanks so much to Ann Jones for passing it on.

Service User, Poplar Ward:
“It was emotional. She was telling her story. Especially at this time of year when people reflect on their own life. It was done with compassion and empathy. I think it touched a nerve with everyone.”

Service User, Elm Ward:
“Emily Maguire was a standout performance and lifted my spirits, since I miss seeing bands, being a service user.”

Service User, Maple Ward:
“It was brilliant. It explains exactly how you feel coming in these places and how your head goes. It showed that someone else has been there and come back. I will play the CD at home. It was lovely. Everything she sang about describes the road you go down. I would go and watch her in concert. It was true to life. When you have depression you are so low but you’ve got to try and pick yourself up. It was marvellous.”

Service User, Laurel Ward:
“I found it inspiring and enjoyed the music. I particularly liked the words: “Keep Walking”.”